About the Author


Emilia Faith

Age 18 // College Student // Rookie Writer // Aspiring Artist
Favorites: the color blue, justified alignment, big cities, traveling, trying new activities, spicy food, nature, animals, sunny days, snowy days, hiking, nighttime, the moon, writing, drawing, acting in plays, sketching, crafts, making gifts for friends
Dislikes: Arial font, suburbs, bland food, sharing opinions, politics, sitting still, sleeping in past 9 am, forced social interaction, singing in front of people, overcast skies, wearing the same outfit for too long, closed-mindedness

Emilia is a college student and is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Special Education. Since she was young, she has always loved writing and drawing. Her intentions for this website are to post chapters of her stories and comics, as well as personal posts to update readers. She writes and draws for fun, and is not currently looking to publish any of her works, but is open to the idea.

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